From Seminyak to Yogyakarta

On our way from Flores to Java we decided to stop in Bali one more time because, why not. We’re having a slight case of separation anxiety after weeks on the beach — we won’t be near an ocean again for who knows how many months until we get to Vietnam.

We didn’t make the same mistake twice, and avoided the frat party vibes of Kuta in favor of the still touristy, yet slightly more upscale Seminyak. Where we basically had the most cultural experience, like ever. We:

  • Enjoyed some much needed reunion time with Jeanna. SO much love.



  • Met a group of weird expats (huge characters) who really love tequila.



  • Watched The Great Gatsby (pretty good, but almost made us wish we’d indulged in a Bali magic shake).
  • Had massive amounts of McDonald’s delivered to us (we’re such American clichés but McDonald’s really does taste the same over the world. It’s great).
  • Were offered porn by the manager of our hotel (because that really would happen to us).

Now we’re in Yogyakarta, and like we knew she would, Jeanna is whipping our budget into shape. As in the three of us will be sleeping sideways in a single bed tonight.

For now we’re just pretty tired after our 6am flight, and can really sympathize with the locals here.





[box] Practical Info

  • In Seminyak we stayed at Seminyak Paradiso Hotel, where we paid 400,000 IDR, or about USD 40 for three people in a room with two twin beds. The room was okay, but the staff were really amazing and super helpful when we were trying to book a flight to Yogyakarta. Also, the breakfast was probably the best we’ve had in a hotel so far.
  • We flew to Yogyakarta from Denpasar, Bali with Lion Air for USD 50 each, 20 kg of checked luggage included. It would have been a little cheaper to book online, but Lion Air only accepts credit card payments more than 48 hours in advance, so we had to use an agent.
  • In Yogyakarta we paid USD 5 for a taxi to Sosrowijayan Street, which has many cheap hotels and guesthouses. We shared a double bed for USD 15 for three people ($10 for two) at Virgo 2, a tiny hotel down a side alley with the sweetest staff. [/box]